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    GhettoVCB missing drive on backup job - VM stuck

    geenpaddyman Novice

      This might be any easy answer to some of you out there.


      When kicking off a backup job (single VM) using Ghetto VCB script, it only copys one of the hard drives on the VM. The VM itself has two HD's (C:) and (E:). When looking at the backup I only ever see the second HD (E:), it never backs up the C: drive for some reason.


      Is this normal or is there a way to configure it?


      Another problem is that when copying the VM it seems to reboot the VM and it gets stuck at the Windows 2003 Server screen.The E: drive is approx 700 Gb. When trying to start off a backup again it errors out, so I delete the snapshot and the script works fine - so I don't know if the snapshots are corrupt or not. I end up having to reset the VM for it to come back up.