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        nthebay Novice

        I would also like to know when this will be fixed.  Its hard to believe it is taking so long to correct such a critical feature.  I have been forced to start using Parallels and since my trial is nearly up I will have to purchase a license if this is still not corrected in Fusion.

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          davesamic Novice

          I am having the same issues.  However, and oddly, i decided to do a fresh install of yosemite.  I did just that and then downloaded Fusion 7, let it update again, and then the issue started.  I was able to run Unity after an upgrade to Yosemite, but after I did clean install - this is when the issues started.  When I try to enter Unity I get the same error "Display configuration is not supported"  I have 2 new Thunderbolt based LG monitors daisy chained and one of them comes back to my MAC.  Again, this was working until clean install of Yosemite!

          If I disconnect the Thunderbolt cable, and then the VM moves back to my MBP, I can enter Unity, but nothing seems to work at all if I try launching an app.  If I try to plug the monitors back in, while in Unity, I get the above error again, the VM goes into fullscreen on a monitor, but really seems all locked up.  If I unplug the monitors, I can exit Unity, and then everything is back to normal.  The machine seems to work.

          The VM is an Win 8.1 OS, all patched, latest VMware tools (, and vHardware is 11.   I also have a Windows 7 machine all patched up, same thing, same tools version, and same vHardware.

          So, there is obviously a bug now.  What I don't get is, and again, this worked on an upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite, but not on a clean install of Yosemite. 

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            michaelprescott Novice

            For the first decade or so of my career, I only used Windows for development.  Microsoft conditioned me to always do a full installation to avoid wasting drive space and lingering incompatible drivers and other system files.   Sounds like Apple may do the same.  Perhaps to support some apps, maybe even Fusion 7 itself, OS X retained older video drivers in the update from Mavericks to Yosemite.

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              davesamic Novice

              Yes Sir!  Completely agree.  When I first installed Yosemite, I was like a kid in a candy store and didnt want to take the time to do it right.  25 years of I.T., knowing all the issues, I simply did it any way.  So, a month later - just took the time over the weekend to rebuild.  Everything is running with more snap, quicker boot, but you are very right with the stuff that "sticks" vs. the upgrade.  Makes you really wonder how much artifact is left behind anytime, on any OS, if someone does not take the time!


              Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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                warrenbuckley Novice

                Hello all,

                It's slightly worrying however a little bit reassuring I am not the only one having this issue currently.

                I have two external monitors a Thunderbolt 27" and a 22" Samsung Monitor connected via VGA off my 15" MacBook Pro Retina


                The worrying thing this worked perfectly having all three displays in use inside VMWare Fusion 6 without any problems.

                Now after upgrading to Yosemite and VMWare Fusion 7 I can only get one display to work. So I currently use my largest display out of the three, however I use all monitors when doing development work inside WIndows and this has effected my productivity. I wish I had not upgraded now.


                I have spoke with Customer Service team and I was assuming they would be able to help me fix the problem, however the only suggestion was to uninstall and put VMWare Fusion 6 back on instead. Not a great solution in my eyes and a bit of an oversight by the development team that a feature that was perfectly working now longer no works.


                I hope the VMWare Fusion team is reading this & see this and ensure this bug becomes high priority for their backlog and gets fixed as a priority.

                For anyone curious about the setup or may have similar setups I have posted some screenshots below for reference.


                If anyone manages to find a solution on here or the VMWare Fusion team can offer a solution I would love to hear it.


                EDIT: After properly reading the thread rather posting my thoughts in a rush & grumpy mood.
                Am I right in reading that the solution seems to be to do an upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite as opposed to a clean install of Yosemite?


                I did a clean install of Yosemite as at the time I wanted to do a bit of spring cleaning and remove some stuff that I no longer needed or
                even used, so a fresh install seemed the best idea to me.

                How many people have tried this approach with success?
                As I ideally don't want to be reinstalling OS's if I have to to still have the same problem.



                Warren :-)




                Screenshot 2014-10-30 16.46.42.png

                Screenshot 2014-10-30 16.46.29.png

                Screenshot 2014-10-30 16.33.56.png

                Screenshot 2014-10-30 16.28.13.png

                Screenshot 2014-10-30 16.29.44.png


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                  michaelprescott Novice

                  Just received the latest update to Professional Version 7.1.0 (2314774)  I then re-installed VMware Tools in the Windows guest.


                  The problem persists.  We're still constrained to one monitor.

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                    davesamic Novice

                    Ditto - same issue.  I updated just now, it updated VMware tools, rebooted, and I still cannot use multiple monitors or unity as well.  So, confirmed on mine.

                    Hey someone from Vmware - please see this!  This is broken and we aren't getting anywhere!

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                      michaelprescott Novice

                      This Windows VM has been my primary dev machine for months now.  I'm very entrenched in this workflow. 


                      Yet, ever since this bug constrained us to a single window, it is killing my productivity.  I have a 3rd of the screen real estate I previously enjoyed!  I'm torn.  Do I invest in another solution, spend the time rebuilding/reconfiguring my dev machine, or hold out desperately for VMware to fix it.

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                        davesamic Novice

                        I hear you.  Been in I.T. 25 years, trying to "prove" to myself that a MAC can be used in the IT field.  I have to have my windows VM on too much and unity helped a bit - so now have to dedicate a monitor to the VM.  I also have noticed that if I use the MAC spaces feature, and if I move the VM to a "space" and I try to resize the VM, it now kicks me off the space the VM is in to another space.  So now that feature is not working either..

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                          TECH198 Enthusiast

                          Same issue here.


                          Although multiple monitors does work just fine in Bootcamp (confirmed), so even though its  a hasle,u must reboot, i guess it's a workaround..


                          And no, using Bootcamp partition in VMWare Fusion does not help either. It must be the virtual graphics driver in VMWare Fusion.


                          I'm running Versions 7.0.1 under a clean install of Yosemite 10.10.1

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                            dasfreund Novice

                            Same issue here. I had been running Fusion 7 and Yosemite upgraded from 10.8 without any issue. All 3 monitors on my iMac worked with Windows 7. I just added a SSD to my iMac, so I did a clean build of Yosemite and now my VM cannot utilize all 3 monitors. It only lets me mirror. I also tried building a new Windows 8.1 VM and it has the same issue.


                            Fusion 7.1.0

                            Yosemite 10.10.1

                            iMac mid 2011 (EMC 2429)

                            AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB

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                              puzle Lurker

                              I'm running Fusion on a Mac Pro on a machine where I did an upgrade and not a fresh install.  I can run dual monitors in Unity but not three.

                              It talks about the Compatibility mode which I have set to 10 due to performance issues with VStudio which I use for development.


                              Not sure if anyone has tried switching down to 10 on the comp mode.

                              • 27. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                                michaelprescott Novice

                                Just tried downgrading to 10.  It made no difference for my arrangement.   I think the key difference is upgrading to Yosemite vs a clean install.

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                                  TECH198 Enthusiast

                                  However, i think most users with this issue, weather partial working, or not, are probably all connected over Thunderbolt right ?


                                  However, i'm connecting over HDMI instead to my Macbook Pro Retina, yet same issue.

                                  • 29. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                                    puzle Lurker

                                    On my Mac Pro the 3rd monitor was over HDMI and it was an older model. This has really hard to believe that this issue has not been addressed by vmware yet.