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    Connecting to VDI using PCoIP shows a black screen and the disconnect the session

    djfersa Lurker

      Hello all,


      We are deploying a Horizon View 6.0 solution with Connection and Security Server using an F5 to load balance the services. As to this point of the implementation, pretty everything works except PCoIP connections over WAN, the F5 is working fine with everything so I don't think the issue is there, and the firewalls have rules to permit port 4172 both TCP and UDP. The connection behaviour is like thisÑ


      HTML (blast) internal -> WORKS

      HTML (blast) external (over wan) -> WORKS

      PCoIP (VMware Horizon Client) internal -> WORKS

      RDP (VMware Horizon Client) internal -> WORKS

      RDP (VMware Horizon Client) external (over wan)-> WORKS

      PCoIP (VMware Horizon Client) external (over wan)-> doesn't WORK, show a black screen adn after a minute shows the following message: PCoIP connection failed with error 'The connection to the remote computer ended.'.


      I have checked everything and I don't know what else I can do. If someone of you have been througth this I really appreciate your guiadance!