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    unable to register vCO with vCenter web client

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      Hello all,


      I have an odd situation, that I hope you can help me with.

      Basically, I am struggling to register the vCO appliance with vCenter web client, when I try to add it from the vCenter web interface, the test connection fails.

      The vCO appliance has been configured to use AD authentication and the vCenter plugin seems to be well configured. In fact, I can run any workflows from it interacting successfully with the vCenter.


      I have followed the troubleshooting steps in similar posts, but none of them have worked:

      Re: unable to integrate vcenter orchestrator with web client

      Re: Unable to register orchestrator in vsphere web client (v5.5)


      I can see the vCO extension through the https://vcenter1.xxxxx.com/mob. I have also unregistered and put it back....with the same result.

      I have also tried with different versions of vCO appliance (5.0, 5.5.1, 5.5.2...) but no joy with any of them.


      I would like to point out that I had previously a vCO appliance registered with vCenter, which was removed. After checking the mob site i found out that the extension pointing to that previous vCO was still in place, so I unregistered. But the issue has not been solved.


      vCenter 5.5.0 Build 1750785

      vCO 5.5.2 Build 1951762


      Any other ideas?


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          To be able to use vCO inside vSphere web client vCO must use SSO authentication and  used SSO should match the one used by vSphere web client.


          What happens is that user log in vSphere  web client and based on provided credential user token is generated.

          This token is presented to vCO and if vCO is not able to verify it (because  in LDAP mode, or using different SSO server or ...) vCO will reject the request.