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    How to change standard Remote Console port "902" in ESXi 5.x?

    robocopo Novice

      Hi there. Look: I have two free "ESXi 5.5 Update 2" servers (ESXi-1 on HP and ESXi-2 on Dell) and one "TMG 2010 SP2 Update 5" server. In office LAN both of ESXi-servers working fine. Server ESXi-1 already has been published in TMG by rules "TCP in 443" and "TCP in 902" and I use it as well from other places (home, club, etc.). Now I need to publish second server: ESXi-2. But I can't find working solution HOW AND WHERE I CAN CHANGE STANDARD PORT "902" to my own ("9020" or another)?


      ATTENTION: I don't have vSphere! And I don't need it - I have FREE ESXi license only and have no money for vSphere! But I need to publish and use ESXi-1 and ESXi-2 in ONE TMG (or ISA) SERVER in same time. Can you help me?










      And I'm so sorry for my badglish you know