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        Pbryanw Enthusiast

        @mntnbighker - If I recall correctly, Windows Updates via the Control Panel doesn't show new builds. You have to open the "PC Settings" Modern UI App, then go to "Update and recovery" then "Preview Builds" and "Check Now".


        However, it looks like you managed to get it sorted out in the end.

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          Pbryanw Enthusiast

          Just a heads-up - you might have to swap to the fast lane in "Update and recovery" -> "Preview builds" before the newest windows 10 build is available to upgrade to.


          My installation had me in the slow lane by default. Also, as before, the new update didn't show in windows update for me - you have to go through the Modern UI settings to get it.

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            mntnbighker Enthusiast

            "Preview Builds" was missing entirely from the interface until I did the "Reset". I was looking in the right place, but for some reason it was entirely absent.

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              steve goddard Expert
              VMware Employees

              Hi there,


              I just did another upgrade to build 9879 and it broke the Shared Folders here.


              I found the root cause though the migration lost a registry setting and once I corrected it the shared folders feature continues to work again.


              All you have to do is edit the registry

              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkProvider\Order

              Name: ProviderOrder

              Type: REG_SZ

              Data: "RDPNP, LanmanWorkstation,webclient"


              Modify to:

              Data: "vmhgfs,RDPNP, LanmanWorkstation,webclient"


              Exit the registry application

              Then you will then have the shared folders drives and UNC paths accessible once more. No need to reboot or log off. No need to uninstall and install tools again.


              Hope this helps if you also see this issue.


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                readabook Lurker

                Thanks,  that worked!

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                  Pbryanw Enthusiast

                  Have just updated to build 9926 through the update mechanism. It looks like the video drivers aren't working with the latest Windows 10 update.


                  I suppose it was too much to expect the old VMware Tools to work with such a vastly different build.


                  If anyone has any workarounds to get the video drivers working, please feel free to share them

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                    SteveAH Novice

                    Thank you for this fix. I too mysteriously lost The Z: folder after some sort of Windows autoupdate restart.


                    Your registry fix was the fix for me.  I had reinstalled Tools before the fix (which did not cure) so I don't know if it would work by itself.  I had kept a copy of your recipe for future use.


                    The Explorer link \\vmware-host\  did work when the Z: folder had a red x on it but your registry fix is better.


                    Thanks again.

                    • 22. Re: Windows 10 support
                      steve goddard Expert
                      VMware Employees

                      I will pass on your issue to the video and graphics developers about the new Windows 10 update.

                      If they know of a workaround then can either update here directly or let me know and I will do it.




                      • 23. Re: Windows 10 support
                        Pbryanw Enthusiast

                        Thanks very much. Looking further into it, the drivers are working, but not as intended.


                        When the VM is used in windowed mode, it doesn't rescale the contents of the window properly (when the window is fully maximised), leaving two black bars on either side of the window.


                        Funnily enough, fullscreen mode works as intended, so it's only a problem with windowed mode.

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                          steve goddard Expert
                          VMware Employees

                          Awesome, thanks for the information on this.


                          I have passed it on too.

                          However, I am sure that they will ask for the vmware.log file for the VM too.

                          Can you send that to me in a private message (assuming it is not too large)?

                          (If it is very large we may have to use our ftp site.)




                          • 25. Re: Windows 10 support
                            Virtual Rad Novice

                            Thanks for the tip on editing the registry after a Windows 10 update knocks out shared folders.  I discovered the uninstall / reinstall of VM Ware tools on my own.  Your solution worked easily.  I will have to update to latest version to see if this has been fixed.

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