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    "Power On and Force Recustomization" PowerCLI

    igortiunov Lurker



      Hi Guys!




      I cannot find any solution for recustomization VM in vCloud 5.5.




      The sample of script:


             $VM_GL = Get-CIVM -Name VMachine -Org $OrgName -OrgVdc $OrgVdcName -VApp $New_Clone
              $GuestCustomization = $VM_GL.ExtensionData.GetGuestCustomizationSection()
              $GuestCustomization.Enabled = $true
              $GuestCustomization.ResetPasswordRequired = $false
              $GuestCustomization.AdminAutoLogonEnabled = $false
              $GuestCustomization.AdminAutoLogonCount = 0
              $GuestCustomization.CustomizationScript = $CustomizationScript_GL
              $VM_GL.ExtensionData.NeedsCustomization = $true
              Start-CIVM -VM $VM_GL -Confirm:$false


      In this way only network settings and hostname has changed, but customization script is not running. If i do not start machine in PowerShell and run it in Web-interface trough "Power On and Force Recustomization" the script is running and make changes.