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    Any success setting up Video PCIe passthrough on Hp Z620 using ATI Radeon 290x video card?

    whgiv Lurker

      We are trying to set up a monitoring station that will also have other VMs that can be used for testing and training on ESX.  We bought a Rdeon 290x card to use as the driver for a 4 panel display.  These are HP Z27i IPS and can do 2560x1440 each.  The idea was to have a Win7 VM drive this video card and the 4 main displays.  We have other VMs running Fedora and other OS's that we use for different troubleshooting and login jump stations.  We have tried for a few days to get the video passthough to work but to noavail.  We tried going to ESXi 6 but the results were no better.  Has anyone had success doing something like this?