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    Filtering using the lowest number

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      Even though this question does not contain any directly related PowerCLI cmdlets, the overall script itself is PowerCLI. 

      I'm trying to filter a directory, but I only want to get the lowest (Minimum) number.  I had the idea in my head, and I really thought it would be easier than this.

      I changed the date on my computer, so when I ran the script it would produce a LastWriteTime that appeared to be a certain year and month, and here is what I want to do.

      I have two entries

      Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name






      -a---         10/1/2014   7:30 PM       1555 10-1-2014 Report.csv

      -a---         10/3/2014   7:30 PM       1555 10-3-2014 Report.csv 

      What I want to do is only filter for the oldest file, the one that is 10/1/2014 

      The name of the file is generated by a date, so I need the filter to be dynamic

      Assuming I'm already in the correct directory, I tried this:

      ls | where { ($_.LastWriteTime | measure -Minimum | select -ExpandProperty Minimum) }

      What I thought should happen is that I would retrieve only 1 result and that result would be the file with a date of "10/1/2014", but both files show up, as if I ran an ls on the directory.

      To make sure I was thinking logically (or so I thought), 

      I tried this "10/1/2014", "10/10/2014", "10/26/2014" | measure -Minimum | select -ExpandProperty Minimum

      That works, only "10/1/2014" comes back, but I can't seem to get it to work when trying to filter for a certain file using ls (Get-ChildItem)