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    Vmware Workstation 8 Win7 "The '' msi failed" FIXED

    RileyR387 Lurker

      I somehow broke my VmWare Workstation 8 install only in the sense i could not remove the program.

      When i attempted to remove the program i would receive the error: "The msi '' failed" .


      My broken installation was v8.0.4.3XXX


      The program itself was working, but i could not uninstall. I wanted to uninstall to install the v8.0.4.7XX update.


      The most important part to fixing this was stopping all vmware services and process via Task manager or services.msc

      Nothing under the sun worked until i did that.


      I dragged and dropped the installer .exe onto a command prompt and ran:

      C:\> VMware-workstation-full-8.0.4-744019.exe /x


      Then chose to repair reinstall. (this will not fix the issue, or fail, with services running)


      Once the repair reinstall completed, i was asked to restart.

      After a restart i was able(or force to) do a full clean uninstall via appwiz.cpl (windowsKey+r > appwiz.cpl)

      So if your doing this, make sure you have access to your licensce key to avoid delays.


      After the successful uninstall i was able run the VMware-workstation-full-8.0.4-744019.exe installation without issue.


      I hope this helps someone, as I was close to rebuilding my os.


      If you experienced this issue with vmware workstation 7, i would try doing this with the most up to date v7 installer you can get your hands on, but I have not encounted this issue with v7 so no guarantees.

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          rico.chet Novice


          I had a similar problem, yet different cause.
          I couldn't uninstall WS v9.0.1 on Win7 with the error message "The MSI '' failed"
          To solve this, I digged into the vmware log files in %temp% and found out that "tools_freebsd" was failing to uninstall as it didn't find its installer.
          Reason for this was that the msi stored in C:\Windows\Installer (for me, the log was saying it's the 7eda6.msi) was filled with zeros. Apparently, last update of the Tools went wrong (to v9.2.2). I also experienced problems with the "Install VMware Tools" feature, it didn't select the iso file automatically, worked manually though so didn't disturb me that much.
          Now I needed to get the msi repaired, by downloading the according installer. This wasn't easy since the full installation exe of v9.0.1 failed to /extract and VMware doesn't actively offer separate Tools download. I know that the automatic updater is able to retrieve just the Tools though. So I initiated a manual update check and looked at the UI log file (file name shown under Help->About). There, it appeared that it checks https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/index.xml for whatever reason. I went there and it wasn't helpful at first, then I tried removing the last part (index.xml) and found a browsable HTTP file tree. Under https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/ws/9.0.1/894247/windows/packages/ I found the freebsd package, downloaded it, did /extract and replaced the broken msi with the extracted one.
          After this, repair and update worked again!
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            PrimozT Lurker



            Windows 7 x64.

            I had a similar "MSI '' failed" errors coming up during VMware workstation 10.0.0 to 10.0.2 upgrade that was automatically initiated. I killed myself trying to resolve this issue and tried all sorts of techniques that google proposes. Thank to your hints guys, I finally understood, that my particular issue has another twist and the solutions proposed above did only half the work.


            First problem of uninstall failing was resolved by shutting down the services before the upgrade. After that the upgrade went well but it choked on installing all the tools-*-9.6.2.exe with the error mentioned above. OK-ing through them, the upgrade got to "finished" and I was able to run VMware, but tools were not available for installation in the guests.


            So I used your link https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/ws/10.0.2/1744117/windows/packages/ to download the 10.0.2 tools packages for workstation and untarred them in a local directory in my host.

            Checking the VMware installation logs shed some light, but replacing, implanting tools-*.msi from downloaded packages did not help.


            Then I went to registry editor and searched for each of tools-linux, tools-winPre2k, tools-freebsd, tools-solaris, tools-windows and deleted the keys that I found under:



            Now I was able to manually install downloaded tools packages (ie: tools-Linux-9.6.2.exe) simply by executing them.

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              cadraktiv Novice



              please can you tell us where you found the install-log and how you found the products in the registry?



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                Fixico Lurker

                cadraktiv wrote:




                please can you tell us where you found the install-log and how you found the products in the registry?




                make and merge into registry the *.reg file with this content:


                Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00








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                  zandokan Lurker

                  To whom it may concern:

                  This fix also works for uninstalling VMWare Player.

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                    Atomic12 Lurker

                    Hi ,


                    thank you, your solution worked for me.

                    I had a problem installing 10.0.3 version on top of 10.0.2.



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                      sharmaji_vm Lurker



                      Spent couple of days before jumping on this suggestion.


                      Thanks a lot!!!

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                        Joeza Lurker

                        Another confirmation that this helped me to sort my uninstall issue for VMWare Workstation 9.0.0 on Win7. I caused the issue myself by trying to be "smart" and moving C:\Windows\Installer to D: to save myself space on the OS partition.


                        Below is a slight update to what someone posted above with regards to the registry location for the VMWare tool product installers showing an extra (for FreeBSD) and matching the guid to the product


                        --Registry Keys under [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\


                        id='tools-freebsd' -'DBBFB30076C6E9142AD4D0ACCFA32594'

                        id='tools-linux' -'A116201D664610145AD115603930CA56'

                        id='tools-netware' -'7A79579133DA8984D9E8376086814B46'

                        id='tools-solaris' -'BC78C1BA70810FC44B2CEC1EC481DC4B'

                        id='tools-winPre2k'    -'7A26F0EA2A1AF704F9C48439B99DDAD8'

                        id='tools-windows' -'C3839DFF5D1079849A4534FA95A9DE03'


                        --Package Locations



                        I ended up grabbing the packages using the link above but found that I did not actually need to end up using them (they list as VMWare Desktop but must be common tools across other version of the products as my install is Workstation).


                        All I had to do was remove the keys listed above and then run the full installer file for VMWare workstation (for the version I had installed - VMware-workstation-full-9.0.0-812388.exe) and run the "Repair" option. Once this completed and I restarted I was then able to successfully run the unistall and continue with my upgrade to v11 (the entire reason I was even wanting to run the uninstall in the first place)


                        Hope this might help someone else facing this issue.

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                          DrJohnQ Lurker

                          Thanks, Joeza-- that freebsd installer key did the trick for me. Until I deleted that, I was unable to upgrade from Workstation 11 to version 12.

                          The version 12 upgrade had already deleted version 11, however, so I was stuck with nothing. Now it's updated and running again. Thanks!