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    Wokstation 7.1.6 and Fedora 21

    mtcstle Novice

      I've been trying unsuccessfully  to install Fedora 21 on a VM within Workstation 7.1.6. Failing this, I tried Fedora 20, no joy. with four or five different installation image files, the kernel panics early in the boot phase. It was suggested in the Fedora forum that Workstation 7 was not capable of running recent Linux kernels. I routinely ran Fedora 19 in  WS 7 but no luck with Fedora 2[0,1]. Are they correct? Is there any sort of work around?

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          WoodyZ Guru

          At the present time since Fedora 21 is not yet at final release and it is not officially supported on any release of VMware Workstation.  Also Fedora 20 is only supported on VMware Workstation 10.0 and later therefore Fedora 21, once released, will not be supported on VMware Workstation 7.x.  BTW The latest release of Fedora supported on VMware Fusion 7.1.6 is Fedora 12 and anything later then that may or may not work and might require third-party patches in order for it to work although you're basically on your own when running unsupported scenarios.