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    Windows 10, Workstation 10, no LAN bridge

    donod Lurker



      So, I'm running Windows 10, 64x tech preview. VMware workstation (latest greatest build (10.0.3) installs and it works just fine.


      I always link a VMnet to a dedicated physical NIC. (bridge), however, even though I'm able to configure it, it simply doesn't work. The VMnet works fine internally on workstation, but not a single packet seems to be able to transfer to the host.


      No firewall running, the VMware bridge drive is installed properly. When I create a host adapter for a virtual network and bridge it with the physical one it works, too. But a direct bridge doesn't work.


      Can anyone running Windows 10 64x tech preview confirm this? It's quite simple configured as below.


      Schermafdruk 2014-10-03 15.55.01.png

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