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      • 15. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
        HPi Lurker

        tjoumas wrote:


        I also have the same problem. Mavericks + win8.1 = no mouse pointer.


        Signing out and signing in again as suggested by tksgo seems to work.


        This seems to be most relevant workaround currently. At least it works every time, for now.


        Just to add thing into this thread: I haven't upgraded my Windows 8 to 8.1 as most of seem to have, but installed it into fresh and empty Bootcamp with 8.1 media. Windows 8 with Fusion 5.x worked almost "perfectly", at least it didn't have these kind of show-stoppers. Currently having this issue with this setup:


        Hardware Overview:


          Model Name: MacBook Pro

          Model Identifier: MacBookPro9,2

          Processor Name: Intel Core i5

          Processor Speed: 2,5 GHz

          Memory: 16 GB

          Boot ROM Version: MBP91.00D3.B08

          SMC Version (system): 2.2f44

          Sudden Motion Sensor:

          -  State: Enabled


        System Software Overview:


          System Version: OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)

          Kernel Version: Darwin 13.0.0


        Fusion: 6.0.2

        • 16. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
          shevy73 Lurker

          Running VMware Professional Version 6.0.2, I encountered the same problem after upgrading from windows 8 to 8.1 (problem = my mouse pointer was crawling).

          Not sure if this helps anyone, but I realized that changing the Scheme of the mouse pointer to "Windows Inverted (system scheme)", (actually, any of the inverted schemes), resolves all my mouse issues.

          To change mouse pointer scheme, (1)right-click Desktop and select "Personalize" from drop-down menu; (2)click the "Change mouse pointers" hyperlink (3)choose the "Pointers" tab; (4)select one of the Windows Inverted schemes via drop-down list.

          • 17. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
            XtOfFR Lurker

            Using a Macbook Pro 15' Retina display, I have the same problem with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012


            The mouse is not available and the screen seems "frozen" or totally black.


            I manage to solve the problem after three reboot.


            I can provides collected informations.


            Please help us !

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              dangero Novice

              I'm having this issue too. Today I was able to fix it by quitting VMWare Fusion and then starting again. Haven't tried logging in and out yet as others suggested.

              • 19. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
                peterzz Lurker

                I am still having this issue sporadically as well. I'm using Fusion 6.02, on Windows Server 2012 standard. And it's extremely frustrating. Like others, when the mouse starts to disappear, it's just gone when running it over the VM window (not the border, or the VM Fusion menu). When the VM window is in single window, it's very clear. It works on the Mac surface and as soon as you slide it over the windows VM it's gone - making it virtually impossible to use the VM. And if you are in full screen mode, it's even more difficult.


                I have tried the install/reinstall of VMware tools, that usually doesn't help. I've restarted the VM image, that may or may not help. I've killed the VMware app itself and restarted, that usually doesn't do it. Only if i reboot my entire Mac OS, restart VM Fusion and Restart the image, does it come back more often than not. But it's still variable thing. I haven't found the one thing that fixes this as a workaround. Never had this problem on the same machine using VM Fusion 5.x and Windows Server 2008 R2.

                VMWare: Please find a fix. I loose a ton of productivity when this happens.

                • 21. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
                  Hot Shot

                  never mind with my suggestion, this issue still seems to come back randomly... I won't bother speculating more about what the cause could be.

                  • 22. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
                    noilly Novice

                    I too am having this issue running VMware Fusion 6.0.4 on OS X 10.10, where the VM is running Windows 8.1 with Update. I can fix the problem by reinstalling VMware tools... but I have to do this after each time I shutdown the VM, so while it is not prohibitive it is annoying.

                    • 23. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
                      Hot Shot

                      I upgraded to fusion 7 immediately when it came out and this problem seems to be totally gone away for me now, thanks goodness...  Not sure what changed but I'd recommend the update if you're able to

                      • 24. Re: Mouse pointer don't move when upgrade to Windows 8.1
                        kjah Lurker

                        There have been a number of similar discussions about this topic for some time, I think none of them with a satisfactory and conclusive answer.

                        Perhaps I can shed some light onto this from recent experience:

                        I have run Mavericks, VMWare 6 and Windows 8.0 / 8.1 without problems since early this year.

                        This week something changed – the mouse pointer froze repeatedly in the Win window and could not be released, not even back to the Mac OS screen.

                        This made my Windows virtual machine unusable! The only way to get mouse control back was to CTRL-ALT-DEL – log out user, shut down Windows and then Force Quit VMWare from MacOS.

                        Reading various Forum postings did not help at all.

                        What had changed?

                        Normally I try to keep 15% of my system disk space free. Last weekend I copied some extra video files on the disk, reducing free space to 5%.

                        I suspected this might start to impact system performance.

                        iDefrag showed the VMWare “vdmk” package files to be high up on the list of most fragmented files.

                        I cleared the extra videofiles, ran iDefrag overnight and the “stuck mouse” problem has disappeared.

                        Am I on to something or just lucky???

                        In hindsight, this could explain why the problem is hard to duplicate for VMWare support staff, because it depends on conditions outside of their control.

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