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    Disable few paths from ESXi hosts which part of one Cluster

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      We are doing a storage port re-balancing and as part of that i want to disable FEW storage paths from each ESXi from ONE ESXi host cluster as the storage team assigned new storage paths to the same set of LUN's. I could see all new paths now. Storage team want to pull back the old paths. I want to disable the old paths from a set of ESX Hosts(part of same cluster) before storage team pull back the paths.


      I have 60 paths for each HBA and 2 HBA's for each ESXi host  which makes a total of 120 paths. Storage team gave the storage path information which i have to disable and i could see them on each HBA.


      I tried doing it from powercli script but for some reason it is not working.


      We are using ESXi 5 Update 3.


      Is there an easy way to do this without manually disabling 120 times for ESXi host?