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    What should the Guest boot from?

    IReallTryhard Enthusiast


      I just added a boot delay to the VMX just for a look-see...
      bios.bootdelay = 20000

      In the Boot menu there are four main options + BIOS Setup


      I didn't write down the actual things and now the damned thing is closing but 23-updates to install so I can't reboot to see for another half hour, but from memory.


      1: Hard Disk

      ....VMWare something

      ....Something else

      2: Removable device

      3: CD drive

      4: Network AMD 404993    <- Don't recall the exact number 


      I went into Setup from the boot menu and set the VMWare option under "Hard Disk" as the first choice. It now has me wondering if that is the best option. I have two Guests and one was originally set as the default after the Player install for "Network AMD..." and the other set for "Removable device" Both seemed to boot OK though.


      What should I be using?