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    Excessive SNMP Heartbeat traps

    FJ1200 Enthusiast

      We have a customer reporting excessive heartbeat snmp traps.  Looking through past postings here there are a number of people who have experienced the same thing but no concrete resolution. 


      They are on ESXi 5.1 U1 with iSCSI datastores on a SAN.  They are getting errors like vmwWmHBDetected, vmwVmPoweredOff - it's not, and vmwVmHBLost filling up our alarm software.  We're on site in a few weeks and I'd like to be able to resolve this.   Can I adjust HB sensitivity in the config or will that affect all hosts? 

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          Could you please check the whether 'heartbeatInterval' attribute is set in /etc/sfcb/sfcb.cfg and if set what is the value?

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            Looking at a similar system here it doesn't look as though it's set at all.   We haven't come across this in any other site, although we're doing things a bit differently with this customer and it's filling the alarm logs making it hard to see the main system problems.  Have just read KB article 2020271 - I'll have a look when we're there and see how that goes.


            Many thanks for a swift reply.