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    Running vimcmd vmsvc/getallvms only shows datastore numerical name

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      We have an on-going issue with a host at a customer site that uses a DR shell script to shut down vms.  It works flawlessly apart from one vm - funnily enough the vCenter vm - where it shows the numerical ID for the datastore not the symlinked one.  The system has around 35 vms and runs HA, so the vms can end up anywhere in the event of host failure or maintenance.  They are running on LUNs from  2 iSCSI-connected SANs, so the datastores are named SAN1 and SAN2.


      The script uses  vimcmd vmsvc/getallvms to get a list of vm's then runs it through awk to get the datastore field and performs operations on everything down on that SAN datastore.  The vCenter server vm is fine while the system is running but in testing we keep getting problems.  Causing a lot of frustration.


      Any ideas?