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    VMware ESXi 5.5 PSOD -- PCPU locked up  -- What's causing this?

    triggerim Novice

      Dear community,


      My company has been experiencing some difficulties running ESXi 5.5 on HP DL160 hardware.

      We have always been running on Dell hardware but since we have a lot of "old" HP hardware lying we would like to use it in building up more infrastructure, it's still good hardware.


      I had till machine installed for some month ago and it has since then crashed about 3 times and now I'm pretty tired of it.

      I have patched ESXi 5.5 with all the newest updates I could find, updated BIOS firmware to the latest I could find but it still crashed on me on a 1 ½ week basis.


      The third time was today and now It's really stretching my patience too maximum.

      I captured the attached image on how the crash looks, it has said "PCPU locked up 4", "PCPU locked up 6".


      I'm running 2 x Intel Xeon E5620 CPU's with about ~74 GB RAM.

      All hardware is green under the "Health Status" in VMware vSphere -> Configuration.


      I installed ESXi with HP-ESXi-5.5.0-iso-5.72.27, I then updated this with all new ESXi 5.5 updates I could find.

      It crashed both before and after these updates, so I upgraded the BIOS firmware to the latest version I could find.


      Is it possible that any of my two CPU's is broken?

      Thanks for any help!