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    Remove VSA 5.1 but keep ESXi host network configurations

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      I ran into problems with a 2-node vSphere 5.1 VSA Cluster not coming online after adding more hard disk and RAM to the physical ESXi hosts in the cluster. After talking with VMware Support for over 2 hours, we exported all of the virtual machine data and powered on the VMs running on just local storage on the ESXi hosts. Now I need to remove the broken VSA Cluster and deploy a new VSA Cluster without interrupting the production VMs now running on local storage.


      I've looked at the cleanup.bat file, but am concerned about it resetting the network configurations on each of my hosts back to "greenfield" configurations at which time the VMs would all lose network connectivity.


      Can the VSA Cluster be manually removed without causing an outage on the VMs? If so, where can I find those procedures?