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    Sharing VMDK based hard-disk between two virtual machines

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      I'm trying to practice setting up an Oracle RAC based environment with 2 virtual machines.  Virtual machine #1 is rac-node-1 and virtual machine #2 is rac-node-2.  What is the process or the steps to make a single vmdk hard-disk sharable between virtual machines?  I've created the 1st virtual machine and have created the additional 5GB hard-disk "of vmdk type".  Now, when I create the 2nd virtual machine and add an additional hard-disk, while selecting "use an existing disk" option and browsing to the additional hard-disk that I created for the 1st virtual machine, what else is required besides doing this?


      I saw this post online, but the steps they describe don't seem to be available with Workstation version 10.  What VMware product is he using in the post below?



      Below are the errors that I'm getting now, so I'm definitely missing some steps to get this setup correct.  This occurs when I attempt to start up the 2nd virtual machine while the 1st is already up and running.

      shared disk error.png


      shared disk error 2.png

      Thank you in advance,