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    VM shows black screen after power on

    geenpaddyman Novice

      My server is a 2003 SP 2, 1 hard disk with 2 partitions C(40GB actual) and E(500GBactual). I recently re purposed a box into a vSphere 5.5 with has 1TB of space. I used Convertor 5.0.1 on the physical box.


      My initial P2V took over 4 days! I tried the fix Increasing the cloning performance but it had no change, to make a long story short  I kicked it off over the weekend. Came in on Monday and it had completed. I powered on the VM and it successfully powered on but all I got was a black screen, no cursor, nothing.


      The only thing that stuck out while configuring the initial P2V was I tried to enable the "sync" function but was unable, sysprep files were missing. I don't know if this is related or not? I was thinking of down grading to 5.1 and starting again but I'd figure i ask first.


      Any help would be appreciated.