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    Restore VM Offisite

    kopper27 Expert

      Hi guys

      I have a customer that wants to backup their VMs and send them to our Virtual Datacenter, using a USB Hard Drive


      they want to export the VM files and we are going to import them in our vCenter.

      the VMs are going to be off all the time (this is for disaster Recovery and their RPO/RTO is no really imporat). Now they are planning to send those VMs to our Virtual Datacenter every 15 days.


      I am just thinking this is going to be a very manual process where I have to use Vmware Converter and upload the VMs again.... imagine if Day 1: VM1 was 50GB and 15 days later VM1 is 52 GB I will have to upload it again


      so my question is there a way or software that will detect the VM is already there in the datastore and just copy what has changed? and It wil just copy the new 2 GB instead of all the the 52 GB, you know way less time doing this task.