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    Retina resolutions break windows 8.x guests (by default??)

    boarder2 Novice

      Using Windows 8.1 and selecting the options to enable retina resolutions (Which seems to be the default for Easy Install!) and let Fusion change display options causes all sorts of poor behavior.


      Attached are screenshots showing a clean VM installed with the only differences being the resolution options in the display preferences of the VMs.


      Screenshot 2014-08-15 01.25.47.png

      Screenshot 2014-08-15 01.27.19.png

      On the left side you can see that some applications scale correctly and some don't.  Those that don't include IE11, and the start screen.  Both of these applications are typically HighDPI aware when run natively on HighDPI hardware.


      Screenshot 2014-08-15 01.28.39.png

      Also including the display scaling settings from the host OS preferences.  Running a 13" Retina MBP.


      This behavior is present in the current stable version of Fusion as well as the TP's.  It would be great if it could be fixed, no one likes blurry fonts!  Especially considering it being the Easy Install default option!