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    Do not create a folder (or files too) in vSAN Datastore.

    malefik Enthusiast

      Hello friends.

      I have three hosts with identical configuration. I created a virtual datastore. Everything is OK.

      But when I try to create a folder from the web client - it simply is not created and does not show any errors, but in the Recent Tasks appears only "Starting task". That's all.

      If I try to do the same from the vSphere Client, it is also nothing happens - nothing is created and no errors.

      If I try to upload the file to vSAN datastore, I get the error "File operation error".

      If I try to upload a folder in vSAN datastore, I get the error "Call" FileManager.MakeDirectory "for object" FileManager "on vCenter Server failed."

      P.S.: all the latest updates installed.


      Thanks for the help!