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    vCOPs and Datatore capacity monitoring

    wisbeech Novice

      Hi all,


      hope someone can help, been using vCOPs for a while but as with all things don't get the time to properly leverage as much utility out of it as I should.


      I have email alerting setup but noticed the other day that a few of my Datastores had filled up, i only seen this because i got a number of alerts saying that HA had failed, otherwise it would have been a manual check after more errors reported.


      Basically my question is, does anyone know how to set up a specific email alert that will warn me when datatstore capacity is down to about 20% - 25%?


      Bear in mind my XML skills aren't that great so some sort of walk through would be amazing, well any point in the right direction would be brilliant as well.


      As always i am in awe of some of you guys and hope someone can help.