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    Upgraded to ESXi 5.5 free, upgraded one machine to vmx-10 and now am unable to edit VM settings

    Samsonite801 Novice

      As said in the title, I upgraded to ESXi 5.5 free hypervisor (from 5.1), then upgraded one of my VMs to vmx-10 and now am unable to edit that VM's settings using the traditional C# -based VSC client.


      Research says I need to use the vSphere Web Client to edit vmx-10 VMs, so I grabbed the Eval version of vCenter Server Appliance (ova) and got it all up/running.


      However, once I go into vSphere Web Client I am not able to add my single ESXi host to the virtual datacenter as it complains that my free vSphere Hypervisor licence will not work with this vCenter Eval.



      Since this is not the ultra-fancy setup we have at my work (where they have the big bucks for the enterprise virtual datacenter), but rather is my home server setup with standalone ESXi running (just to consolidate multiple appliances into one machine and save a little electricity), I am starting to wonder if VMware does not want free guys to be able to play with vmx-10.


      Did they really NOT make a way for home users / students of ESXi 5.5 to realistically be able to edit vmx-10 VMs? Do I have to learn how to manually edit the vmx files on only vmx-10 machines and not older ones?


      Surely there has got to be a way. Don't they have any kind of free stripped down version of vSphere Web Client to allow ESXi standalone to be managed from there as well?

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