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    VLAN and vmotion

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      I have configured 3 different VLANs for management,vmotion and production. The VMs on the production VLAN can see each other if they are on the same Host. If I migrate one VM to another host, it will not see the other VMs on the same VLAN.

      Any suggestions please ?

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          a.p. Guru
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          Please provide a few more details about your configuration, i.e. virtual switches, port groups, physical uplink ports. Maybe it's simply an incorrect setting, or a missing configuration on the physical switch!?



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            malhi_o Enthusiast

            Thanks André, Her comes the details :

            Its One dvSwithch with two uplink ports

            5 Port Grups

            Discovery protocol LLDP

            Four hosts with 2 NIC in each host.

            In the Polices section, Promiscuous mode, MAC address changes and forged transmits set to reject .

            NIC teaming Route based on originating.

            Network flow Link status only

            Two active uplinks


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              I'm missing an important part in the details. How did you configure the VLANs? Did you set the VLAN IDs on the port groups? How are the uplink ports on the physical switch configured (e.g. 802.1Q)?

              Which physical switches do you use (vendor/model)?



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                Thank André

                There was some missing configuration in the physical switch.

                Kind regards