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    How is Windows 7 OEM handled in Player?

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      I was about to buy win7 OEM (newegg special) to install as a Player-Guest in my home laptop. In case you are not aware, windows OEM versions cannot be used on a different motherboard (mobo) whereas the Retail version can be. The OEM versions are always a lot cheaper than the Retail, as Retail includes free msoft CS-help and obviously I don't need that.


      It then occurred to me that if I change laptops next year to a Surface 3 (when I can afford it), the win7 OEM may be "keyed" to the mobo on this current laptop and no longer work in a new one.


      Does win7 (win8. 8.1) key to the Player or the laptop hardware?


      I  will need to move the Player Guest .VMDK to another machine at some point.