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    Please fix IPv6 support in ESXi!

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      When trying to implement IPv6 for the management interface of an ESXi host that I rented from a hosting provider I stumbled over some limitations that made this impossible for me:


      • You cannot use a link-local address for the default gateway
      • The default gateway address must be on the same subnet as the interface's address
      • You cannot define static routes for a specific interface (if you have multiple vmknics that are IPv6 enabled)
      • When adding a static route you must provide an address for a gateway. Other OSs will allow you to bind a route to just a specific interface and omit the gateway. This is useful for cases where another IPv6 address is directly reachable although it is on a different subnet.


      So, the IPv6 implementation in ESXi is very limited today. Please fix this, VMware!


      I posted more details on this here on my blog. If you are also concerned by this then please comment here and support this request!




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          jer0nim0 Novice

          Yeah this bothers me too.

          IPv4 addresses are rare these days and providers start to ask for money if you want more than a few or even one.

          So, I thought on my new server I'd just use an IPv6 address for the service console and use the IPv4 addresses for the VMs where needed.


          Since the provider wants me to use fe80::1 as the default gw and ESXi doesn't let me, ...., well you imagine the rest.


          Have there been updates in more recent versions of ESXi?

          Or are there workarounds?




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            At VMware the issue is internally linked to PRs and is being tracked by product development.

            There are good chances that this will be fixed in the next major vSphere version (which is in public beta right now).


            I am not aware of any workarounds.