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      • 15. Re: VMware Tools Compile Problem
        qo Novice

        steve said: Yes it is a simple fix to change the line of code to count = d_count(dentry) in HgfsPermission function in the inode.c file.

        Maybe a difference between 32 bit (count) and 64 bit (dcount)? but, in my case (64 bit) the modification was:

        dcount = d_count(dentry)


        And, yes, this worked a treat, so many thanks Steve!



        • 16. Re: VMware Tools Compile Problem
          ujay68 Lurker

          @steve goddard: Thanks. It's important to have this in an upcoming update to Fusion 6.0.x, because Ubuntu 13.04 support will end as early as January 2014. Jay

          • 17. Re: VMware Tools Compile Problem
            toter_ Lurker

            Could somebody explain where to put this patch file and run it? I'm a beginner.



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              nacholito Lurker

              This was somewhere else, but I lost the link... anyway, try this:

              • uncompress the tools file
              • untar lib/modules/source/vmhgfs.tar
              • from the lib/modules/source directory, and with the patch file saved in that directory, run the command "patch -p0 < vmhgfs-d_count-kernel-3.11-tools-9.6.0.patch"
              • tar up the vmhgfs-only folder as vmhgfs.tar


              that should do it!

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                rasa Novice

                The instructions to apply the patch are at




                Also, upgrading to Workstation 10.0.1 (VMwareTools-9.6.1-1378637.tar.gz), alleviates the need for this patch.

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                  ujay68 Lurker

                  A VMware support engineer told me today that this is fixed in Fusion 6.0.2, released today. Haven't had the time to check it out myself, though.

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                    exiledpoacher Novice

                    I have built a new Ubuntu 13.10 Guest with 6.0.2 and I am pleased to report that the Tools compile fine. Thanks go out to the VMWare Supports guys :-)

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                      blargony Lurker

                      Hi Steve,


                      I just installed CentOS 7 and ran into this error.  It seems your fix to inode.c is in the version of VMWare tools I have (Fusion 6.0.4) so the patch posted above doesn't work.  I managed to fix it with the following change (file sharing is working for me now):


                      vmhgfs-only/shared/compat_dcache.h, line 54:

                      - #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(3, 11, 0)

                      + #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(3, 10, 0)


                      I don't know if this is the right thing to do, but it looks like kernel 3.10 has the same change to 'dentry' that 3.11 has.




                      • 23. Re: VMware Tools Compile Problem
                        steve goddard Expert
                        VMware Employees

                        Hi Rob,


                        It seems that CentOS 7 has done the same as RHEL 7 and back-ported some changes, like the dentry field migration, that were introduced in the kernel 3.11 to a version based on Linux 3.10.


                        This has been addressed by me internally, and so far and will be in the Fusion 7 release and I am pretty sure it is in the Fusion 7 TP2 release that is available right now.


                        Having said that, your change is okay for local build in that CentOS 7 VM, but our general fix has to be a little more complicated to cover both situations where OS on Linux kernel 3.10 may not have the changes backported and others that do.


                        So you should be good to go with your modification for that CentOS 7 VM and others that have this issue, but for some versions of Linux you maybe okay without modification to the shipping version.



                        • 24. Re: VMware Tools Compile Problem
                          werebat Lurker

                          I can confirm this worked for me on Centos 7 and now my shared folders are working again.



                          • 25. Re: VMware Tools Compile Problem
                            blargony Lurker

                            Hi Steve,


                            Thanks for the detailed replay!  I did try the latest Fusion TP a few days back and it doesn't look like the fix is there as yet.   The same change works though, if anyone wants to do it.   Meanwhile, here are the exact steps for those of us stuck on Fusion 6 for the moment...


                            tar xvf VMwareTools-9.6.2-1688356.tar.gz

                            cd vmware-tools-distrib/lib/modules/source

                            tar xvf vmhgfs.tar

                            sed -i 's/3, 11, 0/3, 10, 0/g' vmhgfs-only/shared/compat_dcache.h

                            tar cvf vmhgfs.tar vmhgfs-only

                            cd ../../..


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