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    How to set a syslog for vCenter Chargeback?

    dalidavila Novice



      I need to know if its possible to configure a syslog for chargeback, at our architecture now we have this:


      1 Chargeback Load Balancer server


      2 Chargeback Manager



      On each CBM we have configured:


      1 Embeded Collector


      1 vCloud director Collector


      1 vShield Manager Collector.



      As you know every collector generates its own log, same as te LB server, so we have a lot of files and servers over there and just to make a trece of all of them is becaming a mess.


      Do you know any solution for this? We have a Syslog configured for the platform but, Chargeback seems not to be able to be configured to work with it.