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    Picking a "new" design scenario vs. picking a redesign scenario

    hennish Hot Shot

      Hi. I'm currently struggling in choosing between two suitable design scenarios/projects for my VCDX submission and defense:


      The first one I did a year ago, and it included designing and implementing for new ESXi hosts in a new cluster, but re-using the existing network and MetroCluster storage solution without any changes at all.


      The second one is actually ongoing, and is more focused on redesigning an existing environment to make it more efficient in terms of operating cost, licences and HA/DR. The existing storage solution will not be replaced, but we might make some changes regarding replication/DR and other settings and op. procedures.


      I'm leaning towards the second one, since I have more current info about it and I'll touch on more aspects of the storage architecture. However, it feels weird to submit a design where I didn't add any new hardware, I just re-did its design, config and added new op. procedures. Am I worrying too much about this?


      I would appreciate your thoughts!