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    vDS failback

    vmproteau Expert

      It looks like the failback setting for vDS is configured at the portgroup level. I have to modify 65 portgroups in preparation for a switch replacement. I will look at scripting it but wondered if I was missing some way to do it at the Host or vDS level.


      Related inquiry: We use link status failover detection. When it was determined that a switch replacement was required, I asked the network team to ensure that the switch get installed with all port disabled so traffic wouldn't be redirected to the unconfigured switch. I was told they would be unable to because the switches come with ports enabled by default. I found this to be a strange default configuration for obvious reasons.


      In this case it is a PowerConnect 8024 chassis switch. If anyone is familiar with these switches could you confirm that there is no way to bring these switches up with all ports disabled? I'd also be curious to here what other vendor replacement switch default configurations are. I have participated in switch replacements in HP and Cisco environments but don't recall having to go through this.

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          JPM300 Expert

          Hey vmproteau,


          You could just have them put the switch on a desk somewhere power it up and disable all the ports, then save the running config, this is a quick change, then rack the switch and cutover as needed and then enable the ports as needed?

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            vmproteau Expert

            I considered that option but I don't think these  switches can be powered up outside the chassis. I also verified there isn't an available staging environment where they might perform this prep.

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              vfk Expert

              It is probably to invest some time writing a basic script to set the failback to No, that would be your best option.  Disabling all ports on the switches is not really feasible option, and I doubt the network agree to this as they will need to basic connectivity when the switches is installed.