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    No Network Adapters During ESX 5.5 Installation

    Rayband Lurker

      Hopefully someone can give me an answer that I can use to try and get this working.


      I am attempting to install ESX 5.5 onto an extra PC I have laying around my house and I have been experiencing nothing but problems with the network adapter. I'm using an Asus P68V-Pro Motherboard with an Intel 2500k CPU and an Intel PCI-E network card.


      Originally I was attempting to install with the integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet port and was getting a similar error so I went out yesterday and purchased a PCI-E card that I know is supported by ESX 5.5 as I have 2 friends with the same card running it with no problems. Reviews of the card I've managed to find also seem to support this. My motherboard supports virtualization and my processor is on a compatible CPU list for both Hyper-V and VMWare.


      But every time I try and run the installation it pops up with the NO NETWORK ADAPTERS error and aborts the installation. Is there a way to either force drivers to be detected during install, or skip the prompt for network access so I can install it and then manually transfer the drivers over afterward?


      Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated as I seem to have run out of good ones on my end.