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    Issues accessing vcenter vm/vsphere client after reboot of ESXi 5.5 host

    dauphin77 Enthusiast

      Howdy ya'll,


      Looking to you all for guidance. I had an issue with a vm that got hung up and could not power off. After multiple failed attempts to power down the VM via the esxi cli, I decided to reboot the individual host (Dell blade server - 16 hosts). Well without realizing, the vcenter server VM was located on this host and I did not power down or relocate to another host. We do have vmotion enabled but unsure if that moved it to another host when I restarted the host.


      The host came back up normal but now I cannot access the vcenter VM from the vsphere client or RDP. We did not enable the web client so unsure if I can access that way even though it wasn't setup initially.


      How do I go about accessing vcenter and the other 20 VM's I had created? Do I have to make changes via the esxi cli?


      Any guidance would be appreciated!