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    Custom metrics set is not working

    JimmyLeunglkm Novice

      Hello guys im new to this software and im trying to work through the features of it.


      About defining a metric set, i configured the xml file and place it in /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/tomcat-enterprise/webapps/vcops-custom/WEB-INF/classes/resources/reskndmetrics


      But then nothing happened when I set the metric graph widget to display what want to see. I have attached the xml file, can you guys see whats wrong with that?


      vcops version im using is 5.7.1


      btw, couple more questions:

      1: I pulled the attr_key from ip/vcops-custom/dbAccessQuery, Will it yield the same result from ip/dbAccessQuery? as I dont have access for it

      2: I set the metric graph widget to receive selected resource, and none for metrics, and set res. kind mode to the xml wrote up, does it work this way?

      3: From time to time, it will display some random generated graphs, what does that mean?