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    Adapter Alert

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      i receive a lot of issues from my Infrastructure Navigator VinAdapter Instance. These looks like


      "updated alert Type: Administrative, Sub-Type: Administrative Environment, State: Critical, Kind;VinAdapter Instance, Name; 23BB........-vin"


      Info:76 resource(s) do not receive data from this adapter resource.


      This is the infrastructure naviagator adapter.

      Any ideas where they come from or what to do to fix that?



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          Hello JimKnopf99,


          That's a curious problem.  Perhaps I can help.  I have a few questions to understand a little more of what's happening in your environment.


          • Which version of vcOPs do you have installed?

          • What version of VIN do you have installed in your vSphere Server?

          • Do you happen to have any kind of unique environmental setup on your system?

          • In which log did you see this error message?


          Thanks, and I hope I can help!




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            - We are using vcops 5.8.1

            - VIN Version 5.8.0

            I don´t think that we have any kind of special or unique environmental setup.

            I only add the netapp adapter. Thats all. But the issue starts later.

            I receive the alert from vcops itself with an email alert.

            Are there any special logfiles to look for?




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              JimKnopf99 Master

              Any ideas?