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    seeking suggestions for "elevator pitch" about why to upgrade/replace old vSphere hosts...

    tlyczko Master

      We have two old DL380 G5 ESXi hosts on vSphere 5.0 U3...

      They can't 'legally' be upgraded to 5.5 etc.

      They are at least 7 years old...


      I'm seeking help with creating an 'elevator pitch' about why they should be replaced with newer servers.

      I have a bit more than 30 seconds, though.


      What I have so far is:


      I've been told our servers should be kept up to date despite our company doing a quasi-seim-merger with another company(ies)

      These outdated servers no longer support current VMware versions

      New servers will be faster, more power efficient (cheaper), easier/faster to manage, better performance

      We've spent $75-100k in the past 3-4 years bringing in more updated PCs, why is $15k for two better servers every 5-7 years unjustififiable??


      The last point is a bit antagonistic and I can take it out..yet their PCs can do nothing without the servers.

      Any/all suggestions for replacing old servers with newer servers would be appreciated...


      I did just now learn that 5.0 goes EOL more or less in August 2016...


      I'm giving this pitch to quasi-IT people who don't necessarily know a lot about the technical aspects of IT/virtualization and who think a bit more than I do about dollar signs etc.


      Thank you, Tom