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    Clean up after host failure in HA cluster

    taylorb Expert

      I had a host with a hardware issue have a hard PSOD crash.   HA worked beautifully and failed the VMs over to the other nodes and hardly anyone knew the VMs were down.    Due to the nature of the issue with the host, I just evicted it from the Cluster, detached it from the datastores, fixed the hardware issues, tested it, and now I want to attach the datastores and bring it back into the cluster     However, I am still showing a lot of "UNknown" VMs in the inventory on that cluster(See attached).    I am certain these are the VMs that got failed over.    Do I just leave those in there are it will sort itself out?   I was thinking maybe I'd just remove them all from inventory since I know the VMs on this host were failed over and are running fine on other nodes right now.   


      Any ideas on how to proceed?