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        asurania Enthusiast

        Any Updates..

        Looks like a good time to implement this with the start of the the 2 Year Re-Certification Policy

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          NickSousa Novice

          I agree. Bring back the VMTN subscription!

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            nhickey Enthusiast

            Bumping this topic!! Hoping that this comes back to life. Even the vExperts out there have to deal with multiple email addys just to grab downloads/evals.

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              pbraren Hot Shot
              VMware EmployeesvExpert

              Spot on, nhickey.


              For example, explaining the issues with evals/timing to newbies is cumbersome enough that the only way I could document a way that EVERYBODY could successfully download the 5.5 Update 1 code, no matter what, was to use a new email address (creating a new account), not exactly ideal:


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                FJ1200 Enthusiast

                23 pages of voices over a lot of years can't all be wrong.  C'mon guys - bring it back.




                Pretty please?


                Oh ok - with cherries on top? 

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                  Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                  This came up on the weekly podcast. Knowing there was a project laster year (Sep, 2013) to look at this again - I reconnected with the guy doing the research. I'm sorry to say it looks as this time they have reached the same conclusion as when it was looked at just before I joined VMware - that a combination of 60-evals and HoL is sufficient. Whilst I personally don't agree with this assessment, I've decided to respect the decision because if after two attempts - the same conclusion has been arrived it - it seems unlikely that will change...

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                    Vitalhostage Lurker

                    The bigger shame is that despite Microsoft binning off their technet subscription to millions of loyal techies, VMware don't see this as an opportunity to buck the trend (instead of trying to lead it) by reintroducing it and ensuring loyalty/better product understanding/etc from their customer/evangelist base


                    At the very least they should be able to comprehensively provide evidence that using the VMTN costs them more than it costs us to subscribe to it. Then I'll happily shut up and move on.


                    As it stands, they just look more tight fisted and untrustworthy..............almost like they're trying to get into policitics.


                    Get better at what you do VMware and others, this isn't a partnership its dictatorial capitalism.


                    God gave the people at these companies two ears and one mouth, so speak less and listen more is what people are asking, which bearing in mind the Billions of dollars in revenue we've all made for you, you'd think you'd be a little more gracious instead of biting the hand that feeds you.


                    Time will tell......

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                      FJ1200 Enthusiast

                      Having a lab is vital, and what really puts me off rebuilding it is having te re-eval everything every 60 days.  ProjectNee is great but I can't add a set of plcs or controllers to it and see how they perform on redundant networks, or how a failover between 2 servers works if a host fails, or what happens to my systems if a SAN falls over without a lab.   Can't do it t work!  As a contractor being able to do stuff like that as well as keeping up the training is absolutely vital.  Especially since I have to fork out for it from my own pocket.  You think VMware (and M$) would support those of us who act as unpaid promo staff with a little good will.  Or make NFR licenses available to us at a reasonable cost, maybe.

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                        Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                        Yes. I guess the arguments for doing this have been well rehearsed - just a quick reminder to everyone following this thread - that it was myself who kickstarted the debate, and so I don't need any convincing.


                        I think the Microsoft TechNet situation, and the decision not resurrect the VMTN subscription - is not an illustration that neither company cares about its customers or users. What is is reflection of is some VERY different thinking and mindsets. As an avid supporter of our community and homelabs in general, I'm beginning to wonder if the changes we are seeing in our industry are going thru radically change how we keep our skills up to date. Increasingly I'm seeing the shipping of software that's installed locally as a very 1980s/90s/00s approach. I know it well because that's the era I grew up in.


                        But increasingly I think software vendors are moving over as quickly as possible to a more SaaS based model. And I'm not just thinking of the Facebooks/Googles/SaleForce. If you think about the software we deploy. It often has many moving parts and dependencies, which make up grades and keeping software up to date difficult. A SaaS based model would do much to help this process. I'm not talking here of public cloud and running VMs in the public cloud. I'm thinking of a more hybrid model were what is on-premise is the hypervisor and perhaps some core mgmt plane like vCenter, but everything else is a subscription service. Of course, there's another motivation for vendors to do this - subscription based services are cheaper on-ramps for customers, and easier to upsel to customers for additional capacity or features. I think there's a commercial imperative here as well. The software industry has a time-to-market for enterprize software that has been usually 3-4 years. Every 3-4 years there's some big monolithic release that is immensely high-risk. Because the software vendor really has no idea or can't guarantee that revenue will be generated. As as business that's a scary prospect. It would be like BigPharma spending billions to certify a drug that takes 10 years to develop - with no certainty the pill will sell. With the way things are going I think old-style software houses like Microsoft have realised they need away of getting their product customers in a much more agile way (arrrgh! I used the A word!)


                        So I'm wondering in the future whether having access to DVD isos and setup.exe will be what we (as community) will want - and licenses or subscription credits to use these SaaS based solutions is what we will really wanting. I see this happening not on the "infrastructure" side of things, but in end-user compute (and I'm not just thinking of DaaS) increasing the management front-ends for technologies are online. A good example of this is Opvizor that has both an on-premises appliance or off-premises SaaS service that customers subscribe to.. Guess which is the cheaper option?


                        So its perhaps this sort of thinking (i'm kind of speculating here) that is shaping the debate within the executive structures of companies like Microsoft and VMware. Why invest in programs that deliver the features customers want in a software deployed locally way, when the long-term future is SaaS based management. Another good example of this is how Microsoft has worked with Azure to give it SRM like features. In the first instance it was merely an orchestration tool in the cloud. In its second iteration it now offers DR to the Cloud, not just orchestration.  The same is true of VMware's own vCHS-DR.


                        The way I see it is that change is coming, we might not like it. But its going to happen regards of our opinions as users...

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                          rcardona2k Champion

                          Well said Mike.  IMO, this post should be locked (and the one asking for a native OS X client ;-), since any possible change on these fronts are on geologic time.

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                            imompero Enthusiast

                            Bump, bring this back, studying for vcap level certifications having a home lab is vital!

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                              depping Guru
                              VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

                              Here you go...


                              Source: VMUG – EVALExperience!
                              VMware and VMUG have partnered with Kivuto Solutions to provide VMUG Advantage Subscribers a customized web portal that provides VMUG Advantage Subscribers with self-service capability to download software and license keys. Licenses to available VMware products are regularly updated and posted to the self-service web portal. The licenses available to VMUG Advantage Subscribers are 365-day evaluation licenses that require a one-time, annual download.Annual product downloads ensure that Subscribers receive the most up-to-date versions of products.

                              Included products are:

                              A new 365 entitlement will be offered with the renewal of your yearly VMUG Advantage Subscription. Software is provided to VMUG Advantage Subscribers with no associated entitlement to support services, and users may not purchase such services in association with the EVALExperience licenses.

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                                nhickey Enthusiast

                                Hey Duncan,


                                Nice, I just saw the email this morning!


                                Any idea if 2015's vExperts will differ in their apps & keys? This is close to 50-60% of what a vExpert receives in that program. Just curious.


                                Thank you sir!



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                                  imompero Enthusiast

                                  Already sent the justification letter to the bosses, exactly what we have been asking for!!!

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                                    3CV Novice

                                    Thanks Duncan


                                    You are a gentleman, sir!


                                    Signing up and paying as I write this.  Well, not as I write, obviously....