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    ESXi 5.x on an Intel J1900 board (Q1900-ITX Asrock) issue

    gbonny Novice

      Hello everyone!


      I have been trying to install ESXi 5.1u1 & 5.1u2 & 5.5u1 on the following configuration to no success so far:

      Asrock Q1900-ITX mobo (Intel J1900 Baytrail SoC, BIOS 1.20 with VT-x support)

      8GB RAM Kingston

      120GB OCZ Vector 150 (tried to connect on both SATA2.0 and SATA3.0)

      Intel CT1000 NIC

      Bootable 4GB FAT32 USB stick with an extracted installation (using Unetbootin) (tried to connect on both USB2.0 and USB3.0)


      ESXi 5.1uX results in/stops at a black window/screen after the "Relocating modules and starting the kernel" message.

      ESXi 5.5u1 starts loading the modules and stops/freezes right after the "Relocating modules and starting the kernel" message.


      I have tried in the bios:

      - Boot USB legacy

      - Boot USB UEFI

      - Disabled PXE (both NICs)

      - Video memory to a minimum (64MB)

      - Disabled onboard audio & NIC

      - I have tried (unofficial?) inserting drivers into the installation ISO (NIC/microcode/xahci) from v-front.de.


      I know that most/all of my hardware is not on the HCL, which doesn't mean it can't work, of course (like my old system).


      All to no luck so far. However I successfully installed Proxmox hypervisor on this system. Others successfully installed NAS4Free (FreeBSD) or Ubuntu/Debian.

      But I want ESXi 5.x for my home server, like I have on my old Intel D525 with a max of 4GB and OCZ Vertex 2 SSD (ESXi 5.1u2).


      Maybe someone has some tips or advice to install ESXi 5.x on my new system?

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