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    Spurious 'returns' in xterm window after 'poweroff' on FreeBSD 10 using xdm

    dcarmich Novice

      System: VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2014, OS X 10.9.3, FreeBSD 10.0


      When I use xdm as the login manager in a FreeBSD 10 VM, there is always a set of spurious 'returns' after I enter poweroff in an xterm before the VM shuts down.


      However, the VM does shut down normally without any undue issues.


      I've had this issue with Fusion 6 as well as the Technology Preview.. could it be a FreeBSD/xorg problem or a VMware problem?


      Here is a video of the issue itself with the Tech Preview:



      Here is a video of the issue with Fusion 6: