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    Chargeback add vcenter SQL error

    Camberton Novice



      I'm trying to add a vCenter server to ChargeBack.


      I get the following error message :


      Invalid vCenter Server database. The vCenter Server database must have the following views: VPXV_HIST_STAT_DAILY, VPXV_HIST_STAT_WEEKLY, VPXV_HIST_STAT_MONTHLY and VPXV_HIST_STAT_YEARLY


      On this post, (https://communities.vmware.com/thread/236730) people say that the sql account must be db_owner on the vCenter database, I do that and say that we must create the views.


      In SQL management Studio, i can see these views, but exactly. I have the same names but like that : VMW.VPXV_HIST_STAT_DAILY, VMW.VPXV_HIST_STAT_WEEKLY.....


      Is it normal ?


      Best regards