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    USB redirection on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    kblaster Lurker

      Hi guys,



      On a clean installation of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I'm installing the VMware Horizon View client (2.1.0).

      I open a terminal and fire up /usr/bin/vmware-view, connect to my desktop using PCoiP and I get a spawn of vmware-view-usb failed.


      After some searching I tried creating a symlink looking like this => ln -s /usr/lib/vmware/vmware-view-usb /usr/bin/vmware-view-usbd

      This will get rid of the error and USB starts creating a log file, only still no USB redirection.


      Examining the USB log file I saw that it's looking for a configuration file on different locations all non existing by default, so I created one on /etc/vmware.

      I created a view-mandatory-config with the following configuration in it => viewusb.IncludeFamily = "storage" so flash drives would be redirected, still no USB redirection.


      Examining the vmware-view.bin log I saw that USB dies in the very second that the client is started.


      What am I doing wrong here ?