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    [Blog] Navigating Up and Down the ‘Oracle on VMware’ stack using Oracle EM12c

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      Navigating Up and Down the ‘Oracle on VMware’ stack using Oracle EM12c


      This week Blue Medora released the latest version of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (EM12c) Plugin for VMware.

      Among other things this release adds is a key feature that our customers have been increasingly requesting asking us for over the past year – the ability to begin the process of troubleshooting / diagnosing 'Oracle on VMware' integrated stack issues starting from the Oracle Database target main screen for a particular Oracle database instance that is virtualized on VMware, and from that page logically navigate to any or all of the related VMware layers including Virtual Machine, ESX Hypervisor, Cluster, or Datastore.

      Use Case #1 - Navigating from a VMware virtual machine to a related Oracle Database


      Since the first release of the VMware plugin has supported navigation in the other direction – navigating from the VMware virtual machine target home page to a related Oracle database instance running on the virtual machine.  This existing capability is demonstrated in the screenshot below:

      Navigating to a Oracle Database target from a VMware Virtual Machine "Mashup" Page within Oracle EM12c


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