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    Performance chart couters come up blank

    lvaibhavt Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      I have couple of questions that I am unable to understand.


      FIRST >> I have close to 5 Virtual Centers in my environment; I wanted to get the info from the disk counter in the performance charts of the Host. As per article

      https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-5600 in stats level 2; read couters should be available.


      Disk kernel read latency is supported in stats level 2; however when I try to view previous day’s data for Kernel read latency it comes up as blank. The real time data works fine


      Because of this issue I am unable to check historical data for disk latency as it returns blank data.The VC is running stats level 2


      disk cntrs.PNG



      Second >>> If I go under storage view and highlight performance tab; when I change the view to performance and check previous days data; all the fields come up as no data available. It is because I am running stats level at 2? If yes then can you please mention an article that suggests to increase it.

      SIOC is not enabled in my environment so I can  understand that those graphs are missing but what about others.







      Can you please suggest on how to proceed.