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    Dynamic probes no longer working?

    ddebug Lurker



      I'm using vprobes in VMware Workstation (10.0.1 build-1379776).

      I am using a dynamic probe to monitor for a guest write on a specific memory address.


      My script is taken from the example:

      (vprobe GUEST_WRITE:0xb8000

      (printf "Write to VGA text RAM.\n"))


      However, the problem is that I have an error when I try to vprobeLoadFile the script.

      vprobeLoadFile: error: Unrecognized characters ':0xb8000' in probe 'GUEST_WRITE:0xb8000'

      vprobeLoadFile: 0 warnings, 1 errors

      Error: Unknown error


      I have tried many different addresses after GUEST_WRITE, but I always get the same error: "Unrecognized characters".


      Also why is there only a Guest_CR3Write and not Guest_OtherRegister here? Like rax, ldtr, etc.