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    orphaned program shortcuts after base layer provisioning

    np123 Enthusiast

      A developer, Jane Dev, was using a physical Windows 7 desktop. I'm interested in using Mirage to prepare the desktop for a new user. The new user is not a developer. The common wizard for Base Layer Provisioning worked quite nicely, except that Start > All Programs retained shortcuts to Jane Dev's programs which were not part of the provisioned base layer. Next time I'll try emptying C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs before Base Layer Provisioning. Would you suggest any additional cleanup steps, before provisioning the base layer to a previously-used system? Or are there better ways to handle this situation? Maybe Hardware Migration > Full System Migration is more appropriate for this scenario?


      There's a note about shortcuts in the release notes for this Mirage version, 4.2.3, but this may not address my situation: "When migrating to Windows 7, some start menu items might not be migrated to the new system. It is not always desirable to transfer all start menu items on a migration since some applications in the original system might not be available in the new system. You can contact support to provide a USMT with a custom XML which transfers start menu items."