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    Purge data from VCSA 5.5 postgres database (vpx_event & vpx_event_arg tables ) ?

    michaelmoon Lurker

      Does anyone have any instructions for removing entries from the vpx_event & vpx_event_arg tables for the postgres database in VCSA 5.5? Due to someone's poorly designed monitoring scripts, we now have 18 millions rows in the vpx_event_arg table and it looks like that is the root cause of our recent problems with the VCSA.


      I see several KB articles on how to purge data from MS SQL Server, but no instructions for Postgres.  Same goes for manully kicking off the roll-up scripts. I updated the Database retention policy from 180 to 90 days, but there are still 18 M records in the table. Couldn't find how to manually kick off the roll-up scripts for postgres.


      Any help would be appreciated.