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    "Find entity by IP" when PCNS gives shutdown command.

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      I need to build a setup with UPS' to shutdown my ESXi and it's vm's when the power goes down.

      So I installed a vMA with PCNS on my ESXi server. in the vMA I have put the ESXi IP address as the vifptarget.
      In the PCNS I have configured it to be for a standalone VMware host with the IP address of the ESXi.


      Now when I give the UPS a reboot signal for testing. The PCNS gives the host a shutdown command but the ESXi says: "Find entity by IP"


      What is the problem here? I can't seem to find it.


      vMA 5.5,
      ESXi 5.5
      PCNS 3.1


      UPS': APC SmartUPS 5000 XL